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A juicy red cherry flavour and a hint of icy cool menthol.

Elevate your vaping experience to the next level with the Diamond 600 Red Rubi disposable vape by Vapes Bars.

It’s precision-cut just like diamonds, featuring a more thought-out mouthpiece, a drastically enhanced airflow for better flavour, and of course, spectacular aesthetics. Designed to provide up to 600 puffs with consistent, smooth and uniform taste down to the last puff.

Expect the smoothest nicotine and flavour delivery you have had yet.


Prefilled with 2ml of e liquid and boasting a 500mAh battery, this colourful and snazzy disposable delivers 600 tasty puffs.  DIAMOND 600 RED RUBY

You will definitely enjoy this handy e cig with its compact and funky design. It will slip into your pocket with ease and so can travel everywhere with you and would suit both beginners and experienced vapers on the go. It features a mesh coil for consistent performance and intense flavour, which is great news. Simply vape until the juice or the battery is exhausted and then discard the device. Inhale activated for ease of use, this Diamond 600 vape pen would be an excellent choice if you wish to vape hassle-free.

You will find that is that Red Ruby is a fresh and moreish flavour. Rich cherry notes are backed by a menthol to create fruity puffs with chilly finishes. Better still, the juice features salt nicotine which gives you smooth throat hits and speedy relief of your cravings. The nicotine strength is 20mg which would suit reformed smokers.  Vapes Bars Red Ruby Disposable Vape Pen from the Vapes Bars Vape Pens range is:

Can You Charge Your Disposable Vape?

There are two basic varieties of vape devices (electronic cigarettes): rechargeable and disposable. A rechargeable vape comes with a built-in charging port, while a non-rechargeable disposable vape is designed to last for a maximum of around 3,000 puffs. After this, a disposable vape should be replaced with a new one, although there are workarounds for tech-savvy vapers who enjoy exploring the inner workings of their device.

As a general rule, if your disposable vape comes with a charging port, you will be able to recharge it and save money instead of purchasing a replacement device. DIAMOND 600 RED RUBY

How to charge a disposable vape pen

Let’s start with a simplified version of how to recharge a disposable vape. It’s a quick and easy task, but you will need some basic mechanical and electronics knowledge. To get started, you will need a micro USB charger male-to-male cord and a USB outlet. These cords and outlets are commonly used with mobile phone chargers, headphones, and other devices. DIAMOND 600 RED RUBY

1. Remove the cap located at the bottom of your disposable vape pen.

2. Place the Micro USB cable end into the device port.

3. Connect the other end of the charging cable to a USB port to begin charging.

Using an Android vs an Apple Charger

When using an Android adapter to charge a disposable vape pen, you will need a micro charging cable and a charger. If using an iPhone Apple charger, you will need a Type-C charging cable and charger to get started. Both of these options are effective for recharging a disposable vape.

How to Prepare a DIY Disposable Vape Charger?

Now for the longer version. Firstly, it’s worth understanding the different types of vape devices available at Vape Store and how to use them. It can be dangerous to leave a disposable e-cigarette unattended while charging as curious kids or pets may potentially be exposed to live wires, small vape bits, or toxic e-juice, also called e-liquid or vape juice. DIAMOND 600 RED RUBY

DIY Disposable Vape Charger?

Recharging a disposable vape is only for people who like to experiment with devices and chargers and examine how they work. However, it’s worth noting that you probably won’t get much more usage out of your disposable device for the time and effort involved. For most vapers, purchasing a new disposable vape or pod kit, box mod, or starter kit with a selection of e-juice flavours and a rechargeable battery is the better alternative. DIAMOND 600 RED RUBY

Disposable Vape Charger?

For the tech-minded, here are some steps to getting your disposable vape battery charged. You will need a small screwdriver, tweezers and a Bluetooth speaker.

1. Dismantle the speaker and pull out the circuit board.

2. Remove the battery to reveal two wires designated for positive and negative terminals.

3. Remove the bottom of your disposable vape to reveal the battery and tank.

4. Pull the battery out enough to expose the sensor and wires.

5. Connect the red wire and black wire to the appropriate terminal on the speaker circuit.

6. Use tape to fasten the wires in place while charging in progress.

7. Charge for around 7 minutes and then try the vape device out. Charge longer if needed.

Batteries can die before e-juice runs out. Juice can run out while there is still a charge in the battery.

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