One of the biggest advantages a vape shop has compared to traditional tobacco retailers is the fact that you have the shelf space necessary to carry a wide variety of e-liquids. Convenience stores generally don’t carry bottled e-liquids at all – aside from a few flavors at the most – because most of their shelf space is consumed by traditional tobacco products. At the most, a convenience store will generally just have a few cigalikes or pre-filled pod systems along with a selection of refill pods and perhaps a few disposable vapes. SMALL REFILLABLE POD SYSTEMS

Disposables vapes come in many flavors, but convenience stores generally don’t have the space to display more than a few of them. Pre-filled cigalikes and pod systems, meanwhile, only have tobacco and menthol flavors available – so people rarely use those devices for long before switching to products that offer more flavors.

When users of pre-filled cigalikes and pod systems get tired of having such a poor selection of flavors, they’ll want to explore what’s available in their local vape shops – and you should be ready for them. It’s a very good idea to carry at least one pod system that’s small, refillable and extremely easy to use – something that will look familiar and appealing to someone who currently uses something like a JUUL or Vuse device. You’ll also want to carry a wide selection of nic salt vape juice flavors. When people see the incredible variety of flavors that are available, they’ll wonder why they ever purchased their vape gear at a convenience store. SMALL REFILLABLE POD SYSTEMS




Although using a refillable vaping device is the best way to make vaping as affordable as it can be while exploring an enormous selection of flavors, there are many people who prefer the convenience of disposable vapes – and here again, you have the ability to offer something that the convenience stores can’t because they don’t have enough shelf space to display a wide range of products.

Over the past couple of years, dozens of manufacturers have started producing disposable vapes – and each model is available in an impressive variety of flavors. People who enjoy using disposable vapes often want to try the newest products and experience as many different flavors as possible. After all, that’s one of the biggest benefits of disposable vapes – you don’t have to commit to any one product for more than a few days.

There are probably many people in your community who use disposable vapes exclusively and have no interest in switching to refillable devices. Users of disposable vapes need to replace their devices regularly, which means that they spend plenty of money on vape gear. Capture that business by adding as many disposable vapes to your inventory as possible and making sure that the people in your community know about your enormous selection. You might consider placing a sign in your window to let people know that you have the most disposable vapes – and the lowest prices – in your city.


Don’t forget that owning a vape shop doesn’t necessarily mean that you can only sell nicotine vaping products. In recent years, the world of vaping has expanded to include hemp-based products such as CBD and Delta-8 e-liquids. Many of the people who buy those products aren’t nicotine users, giving you a potential opportunity to expand your customer base even further.

People use CBD and Delta-8 for completely different reasons. Generally, CBD appeals to alternative health aficionados who like the fact that it’s a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and hope that it could have certain health benefits. Delta-8, on the other hand, does have psychoactive effects and is primarily used for recreational purposes. CBD and Delta-8 are both made from industrial hemp, which is legal according to federal regulations. They’re also both legal in most states – including many states that don’t have medical or recreational cannabis laws in place. SMALL REFILLABLE POD SYSTEMS

Adding hemp-derived vaping products is a great way to expand your customer base – and when you add those products to your vape shop, you should definitely consider adding signage to notify the local community about your new offerings. You’ll end up attracting people to your store who might have never otherwise considered entering a vape shop.


The pro-legalization movement is spreading rapidly across America. As of writing this post, cannabis is currently legal in 18 states (and 10 countries around the world). People might be inspired by our Northern neighbors in Canada, where cannabis is legal nationwide.

Although the legalization of cannabis remains a contentious issue, we expect it to trend in a positive direction. In 2022, we look forward to seeing which states will vote to legalize cannabis.


Each decade, we see drastic shifts in our culture and societal norms. Think about how the perception of cannabis has changed over the last 100 years.

Did you know that in the early 1900s, cannabis was legal in the United States? But by 1931, it was outlawed in 29 states. Nearly 100 years later, we’re starting to see the reversal of prohibition. And with that comes shifting attitudes about the substance itself. SMALL REFILLABLE POD SYSTEMS

As people learn about new ways to use cannabis, it’s no longer seen as the “bad guy”. The intoxicating properties of this plant are due to the cannabis THC levels. But recently, we’re seeing a bigger push toward CBD cannabis.

This product does not have the same intoxicating effects as its THC counterpart. Instead, CBD cannabis products create an entirely different experience. For some, they offer medical benefits that may alleviate ailments. This positions cannabis as a mainstream product that’s used for recreational and medicinal purposes.


When you picture what it looks like to consume cannabis, you probably envision someone lighting up a joint and taking a puff. But in reality, cannabis consumption looks a bit different these days. SMALL REFILLABLE POD SYSTEMS

If you’re looking for an alternative to smoking, you can consume cannabis in any of the following ways:

  • Those who like inhaling cannabis (but without the smoke) can try vaping instead.
  • Spread this product directly on the skin to experience its effects.
  • Consumers can try cannabis in the form of brownies, oils, and beverages.

The owner of A Little Bud, a cannabis dispensary, writes, “Cannabis-infused drinks are rising in popularity, from sparkling water to tea. Drinks infused with CBD allow customers to enjoy the relaxation benefits of cannabis without the high that’s associated with THC.”

With these alternate consumption methods, more people feel comfortable trying cannabis. As we see more public acceptance of cannabis, we can expect more growth in the industry.


Cannabis is an incredibly unique plant. Depending on what strain of cannabis you purchase and how you ingest it, you can experience highly different effects. So, what will be more popular in 2022: THC products or CBD products?

The two products serve very different purposes. THC products are popular among recreational users; this cannabinoid is known for its psychoactive effects. But not all cannabis consumers are looking for this type of experience. SMALL REFILLABLE POD SYSTEMS

Since the pandemic, the wellness movement has been gaining more traction. It’s a lifestyle that promotes spiritual, physical, social, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Many people are choosing to add CBD to their wellness routines. As this movement gains popularity, we predict that CBD sales will continue to increase.

Although we anticipate CBD products will outsell THC ones, the growing market will lead to increased sales of all cannabis products.

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We’ve seen the effects of the pandemic on nearly every industry. Those effects can be positive or negative. Take a look at the real estate market, for example, which is hotter than ever.

But cannabis hasn’t fared so well this past year. Most stocks have dipped more than investors anticipated. Is this trend here to stay?

We’ve got a hopeful outlook about 2022. After the market slump, we’re expecting it will grow to new heights in the next few years. This is based on a few factors: SMALL REFILLABLE POD SYSTEMS

  • As more states legalize recreational cannabis, it becomes more accessible to purchase.
  • People are beginning to recover financially from the pandemic, which gives them more income to purchase or invest in cannabis.
  • Bigger cannabis businesses are acquiring smaller ones, which accelerates the growth of the industry.

Are you thinking of starting your own business in the cannabis industry? If so, 2022 is the time to take action. Sales are rising, stocks are bouncing back, and legalization is continuing across the United States. We foresee exponential growth in the cannabis industry, from the stock market to local dispensaries.

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